The CHS is tasked to implement: a) worship and religious services; b) religious, moral and values education programs; c) pastoral services; d) guidance and counselling programs;  and e) accreditation for civic and faith-based groups which desire to partner with it under LOI 17/10 SUGO.

CHS continues to implement three major flagship programs of this office which are significant and integral part of the PNP-CHS P.A.T.R.O.L Plan 2030, to wit:

  1. LOI 17/10 “SUGO” (Spiritual Upliftment and Growth of the Organization);
  2. CMC 03-13 “Paggabay” (CHS Pastoral and Family Counseling Initiatives);
  3. CMC 55 – 2017 USAP (Ugnayan ng Simbahan at Pulisya)


  • To establish rapport between the PNP and the Faith-based leaders such as Bishops, Parish Priests, Pastors and Imams assigned in their respective areas of responsibility to build trust and confidence among the religious leaders and law enforcers
  • To give meaning in the lives of every PNP personnel by encouraging them to be God-Centered, Service-Oriented and Family-Based through dialogues, counseling, values formation activities and pastoral care and formation with the help of the Faith-Based groups


  1. To engage our PNP personnel in peace-building vis-à-vis various religious sectors such as Catholic, Evangelical and Islamic groups;
  2. To discourage radicalization and promote interfaith dialogue with PNP personnel with the support of interfaith groups;
  3. To provide and recommend proper intervention and counseling to PNP personnel involved in illegal drugs operation;
  4. To provide moral and spiritual guidance to PNP personnel and their dependents; and
  5. To facilitate partnership among the PNP, religious groups, local government, NGOs and organizations involved in interfaith dialogue, peace-building, trauma and family counseling groups, psycho-social and psycho-spiritual groups, pastoral counseling groups and other institutions in accordance with LOI SUGO and CMC PAGGABAY