The said conflict was based on the case of Physical Injuries and Violation of RA 7610 by the accused last May 29, 2012 at Ever Gotesco Mall, Batasan Hills. Based on the sworn affidavit of the complainant; Racma Tuano Baraocor, 16 years old and Asnaira Tuano Decampong, 13 years old and residents of Bagong Silang, Caloocan City; they were in their store on the said date when the couple Kuntao, 42 years old and Noraisa, 40 years old and residents of Batasan Hills, Quezon City attacked Racma and Asnaira by punching, kicking and hitting them without any provocation. Medical Records confirmed the injuries sustained by Racma and Asnaira from the attack of the couple. Fortunately, IMAM MOXSIR was requested by their council of elders to lead the dialogue between the families which resulted in a peaceful resolution and the avoidance of further escalation of the conflict.

     Another case was resolved by the Muslim Base Chaplain last September 10, 2013. This time, the conflict involved an incident between Muslim and Christian Families.  The agreement was between the Ramos Family (Christian) and the Rimbang Family (Muslim) based on the death of Abdulhakim Rimbang on July 15, 2013 at 3PM along Sumulong Hi-way, Barangay Balanti, Cainta, Rizal. The agreement also indicated that relatives of the victim led by Vice-Mayor Ustadz Jamil Rimbang and Cayambae Rimbang, mother of the victim; swore that they will not involve the families of the suspects Zaldy Ramos in the conflict. Also, Zaldy and his wife Julie Ramos helped the parents of the victim by giving “Kandori” (Monetary Fund) or financial assistance to the aggrieved party.

     These initiative of the Muslim Base Chaplain of the PNP Chaplain Service is in accordance to the directive of the Chief PNP, PDG ALAN LM PURISIMA for our the Chaplain Service religious leaders both the Priests, Imams and Pastors to be active in crime preventive activities such as conflict resolution dialogues.

     “There are conflicts between Muslim  and also Catholic families that can be best resolved through peaceful dialogue and this is where the Muslim Base Chaplain of the PNP Chaplain Service plays a vital in our commitment to prevent and control crimes”; said IMAM MOXSIR.

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