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April 16, 2021

It may be easy to give up than to keep going; It may be easy to say it's someone else' fault than to take the blame yourself; It may be easier to make excuses than to offer apologies. But there is NO Guarantee that the EASY Way through life is the Best Way. Don't be so concerned about finding the easiest roads to travel but follow the roads that lead you to become the person you really want to be.


April 15, 2021

Thought for Today "If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of stress & sorrow" Be anger free today for a sure better now and tomorrow. Be anger free today for you deserve a peaceful life.


April 14, 2021

Be happy with what you have while working for what you want. Keep on doing what you love and remember that a happy life begins by saying: Thank you Lord for what I have! We may be in time or crisis but the Lord never forgets to provide. Good is good all the time.



"Make your people known for the unity and profession of their faith. Inspire the hearts of your people with your word and teachings." - St Cyril


April 13, 2021

"The heart of a fool is in his mouth, but the mouth of the wise man is in his heart." - Benjamin Franklin



"I asked you and you would not listen. So I asked my God and He did listen." - St Scholastica


April 12, 2021

"Everything written in the law of Moses, the Prophets and Psalms must be fulfilled." God's plan will always be fulfilled for salvation. When we pray, we ask not for God to change His plans but for us to understand and cooperate.



"The Lord has loved me so much. We must love everyone." - St Josephine Bakhita


April 9, 2021

When everything looks dark, it's really hard to believe there is any hope. But hope is always there even when we cannot see it. As soon as we let go of our fears and hope in God fully, opportunity will show itself. 



"No one lights a lamp and covers it."


April 8, 2021

The kindness you give is not always the same amount you get in return. Sometimes, it's more; sometimes, it's less. and there are times when you get nothing in return! But remember that the onw ho willingly gives is more blessed than the one who receives!



"I ask God to have pity on all, and I hope my blood will fall on my fellow men as a fruitful rain." - St Paul Miki


April 7, 2021

"I have neither silver not gold, but I give you what I have: In the name of Jesus, rise and walk." God gave His Son, Jesus Gave His life, the disciples shared Jesus and the Church, continue to share Jesus through His Words and Sacraments. Live in Christ and share Christ. 



"I am your sheep; make me worthy to overcome the devil." - St Agatha


April 6, 2021

See God's hands in everything that happens to you, good and bad. See it all with the eyes of faith; understand it all as part of God's plan to bring good out of evil just as He did through Jesus' death on the cross. Trust God!



"If I were worthy of such a favor from my God, I would ask that He grant me this one miracle, that by His grace He would make of me a good man." - St Ansgar


April 5, 2021

Praises and thanksgiving to God the Father, Holy Spirit and our Lord Jesus Christ for the love and sacrifices of enduring pain, humiliation and untimely - death, to give us this chance of life that we are all enjoying today. Let us live this gift of life to the fullest and the best way we can. 



"Unless you change, and become like little children, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven."


April 2, 2021

When you look at the Crucifix, try to understand and see how much God loves you. Christ died for the salvation of sinful humanity. Let us be grateful unceasingly. As Jesus carried His cross to save us, let us also carry ours this pandemic.  



"The more grievously that thou torment me, so much pity shall God have on me." St Vincent of Saragossa


April 1, 2021

Love is something you never regret giving and kindness and selflessness are the best expressions of love. As Jesus washed His disciples feet like a servant, let's have the same spirit. Let's be of service to one another by observing the established health protocols.



"The devil is afraid of us when we pray and make sacrifices".  - St Anthony of the Dessert



March 31, 2021

"You have received freely, so give freely"

Everything in life is a gift from the creator. Before we possessed aby, it was already given freely, even our faith. ley us then be grateful to the Giver by sharing what we received from His goodness. Be missionary of God's goodness.; Spread the Christian faith to everyone. Most especially, live and be a model for all Christians.



"There is nothing in this earth more to be prized than true friendship." - St Thomas Aquinas


March 30, 2021

Do what is right; Speak the truth with compassion; Treat your neighbors with love and respect. Avoid those who do wrong and cling to those who do right; Keep commitment even when it hurts. As long as love lives in our hearts and as long as goodness resides in our soul, no sadness can even harm us.



"Beware of trying to accomplish anything by force." - St Abgela Merici


March 29, 2021

We can't change the situation but we can change our disposition. We can choose to be defeated by our fears but we can also to be saved by our faith. Always trust God and do your share to save the life of others.



"Be cheerful, do good, and let the sparrow chirp." - St John Bosco


March 26, 2021

Don't be obsessed with getting your own advantage. Forget yourself to lend a helping hand. Be sensitive on the needs and situation of others. In these trying times, do not be selfish and greedy. Be a blessing than a problem.



"Have patience with all things, but, first of all with yourself." - St Francis De Sales



March 25, 2021

No matter how stormy life is, never let it bring you down. Always smile and be thankful because God woke you up today. Remember that everyday is a blessing. Make that grow and increase by sharing it with others. 



"Sheltered under the name of Jesus Christ. I do not fear these pains, for they do not last long." - St Lawrence


March 24, 2021

Do what is right; speak the truth with compassion; treat your neighbors with love and respect. Avoid those who do wrong and cling to those who  do right. Keep commitments even when it hurts. As long as love lives in our hearts and as long as goodness resides in our soul, no sadness can ever harm us.

Life will always be beautiful with God.



"Every man possesses the knowledge necessary to save himself."


March 23, 2021

When others caused you pain, trust God to settle the score. He has much better resources than you do. When others mistreat you, repond with love and truth. It is how God deals with it. Be an agent of God's mercy and kindness. 



"God himself is the reason he is to be loved."  - St Bernard of Clairvaux


March 22, 2021

A pot was once asked, "how do you remain cool in every situation? The pot answered, "I just remind myself that I am made of mud and will return back to mud. Then why have pride and anger?"

Remain humble in life no matter what you have and what you have achieved.



"I am not my own; I have given myself to Jesus. He must be my only love." - St Kateri Tekakwitha


March 19, 2021

"And in whatever you do, whether in word or in deed, do it in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to the God the Father through Him."

Everyday is Thanksgiving for a true Christian. We certainly have more than enough to be grateful. Thank God, it's St Joseph's Day!!!



"Think well. Speak well. Do well. These three things, through the mercy of God, will make a man go to Heaven."


March 18, 2021

"We must always remember that if we turn our mistakes into lesson and our fears into courage, everything in life is achievable."

One mistake that we often do is setting aside or leaving God behind. It has been a lesson that God is our refuge and strength. Cling to him.



"Trials are nothing else but the forge that purifies the soul of all its imperfections." - St Mary Magdalene de Pazzi


March 17, 2021

Working hard for something we don't care about is called STRESS.

Working hard for something we love is called PASSION.

Let us always be passionate in all our undertakings specially serving those entrusted to our care.



"Idleness is an enemy of the soul." St. Benedict


March 16, 2021

"It was not what with perishable things such as silver or gold that you were redeemed but with the precious blood of Christ". - 1 Peter 1:18-19

Our worth is not measured in terms of monetary value but by what God has done on our behalf. Through the death of His only Son on the cross, the father paid the price to rescue us from our sins.

Always be thankful to God and be good to others in return. 



"...As you drink the cup of the Lord Jesus (how glorious it is), give thanks to the Lord, the giver of all the blessings." - St Raymond of Peňafort


March 15, 2021

Three lessons for disciples in the story of the simple, the pious and the widow;

1. Proportional Giving: 

Jesus is teaching us that how much we give is related to how much we have.

2. Sacrificial Giving:

God is watching when we make sacrifices. It does not matter if no one else sees/knows it.

3. Faith-filled Giving:

Bigger is not always better. We are to give what we are able, whether small or big.

Be generous always. Be good and be kind.



"No matter how sinful one may have been, if he has devotion to Mary, it is impossible that he be lost." - St Hillary of Poitiers


March 11, 2021

To have a happy family, don't look for a family you like. Instead, love the family that you have.

Happiness doesn't come from having much to live on but from having much to live for. Imitate the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Live for your family. Love your family.


Quotes: "If I were worthy of such favor from my God, I would ask that he grant me this one miracle, that by His grace, He would make me a good man." - St Ansgar 


March 8, 2021

Lesson from the grass:

Even if somebody steps on it, it may get hurt but it never hurts others. When storms attack, many big trees get uprooted but the grass remains standing. Stay noble and humble like the grass. Simple but strong in serving God. Live and Learn as you go. Figure out what is worth holding on to. Life is about moving on....Just move on diligently.



" simply, so that all may simply live." - St Elizabeth Ann Seton


March 4, 2021

In prayer, do not ask God for what you think as good. Instead, ask Him for what He knows as good for you. This is because God's thoughts and ways are not ours and they always are the best. Trust God always in everything you say and do



'...the acts of charity that you do not perform are so many injustices that you commit." - St. Basil The Great


March 1, 2021

Hebrews 13:1-5

Let brotherly love continue. Do not neglect hospitality, for through it, some have unknowingly entertained angels. Be Mindful of the prisoners and ill-treated... Let marriage be honored among all and other marriage bed be kept undefiled for God will judge the immoral and adulterers. Let your life be free from love of money but be content with what you have for God will not forsake you.



"Put yourself in God's hands; He abandons no one" -St. André Bessette