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Vacant Positions

Let's remember that what matters in life is not our will but the will of God in our lives as we used to pray in the Lord's prayer: "... Your WILL be done on earth as it is in heaven..."

March 7, 2013:

" there are no hopeless situations, only hopeless people"

March 11, 2013

" Sometimes or oftentimes we feel frustrated of how the things are going; but we have to go on and face the uncertainty and in the end there will be a good way and that will be God's way!"

March 13, 2013

" We are at the instance of bewilderment when we witness or experience the swift turn of events especially in matters of life and death - this awareness impels us to look inside ourselves and reinvent ourselves so as to prepare ourselves for God's reckoning in our lives!"

March 14, 2013

" The most effective way of leadership is servant leadership or leadership by example!" 

March 22, 2013

" It's the determination that defines the character of a person in his or her quest for success!

April 1, 2013

" In this slippery world, we are to struggle to keep our hearts and minds fixed on the Lord, not doing so invites spiritual disaster upon ourselves".


April 17, 2013

 " Do not be part of the problem, be part of the solution"


April 18, 2013

 " The higher the rank, the bigger the responsibility". 


 April 19, 2013

 " Nemo dat quod non habit" - " no one can give if he does not have"


April 23, 2013

 " A focused life is a life of productivity"


May 2, 2013

 " The reflected life is worth living".


May 22, 2013

" He who spends his energy in a heavenly cause will reap a good harvest of eternity".

December 2, 2013

" Our greatest weakness lies in giving up but the most certain way to succeed is always tried just one more time" by Thomas Edison


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